Cross Street Records

The new Melbourne based, artist run label Cross Street Recordings harks back to an old model to deal with new problems. Cross Street Records models a subscription-based series, similar to the idea of the Reader’s Digest Record Club, an idea from way back in the olden times. This was crafted for listeners wanting to actively discover, and connect with experimental sounds.

Each series feature a new batch of exciting music from artists across Australia, along with a couple from the back catalogue. Cross Street Records finds it home at Cross Street, a beautiful space run by the Merribek Band. Keep an ear to the ground for info about performances there!

Autumn Series 2024

The autumn series is the first release for Cross Street Records and features five amazing album, along with two from the Back catalogue. These album are from Phil Collings, Trip!, Elliot Lamb,The Invisibles and Gemma Horbury, along with IshIsh’s first album and Multiverse by Streamers.

You can purchase all of these for $49 via bandcamp. You will get each to download (and stream through the bandcamp app) and one CD of your choosing (just drop us a line for which one you’d like!) You can also buy more CD’s if you’d like. These are not available on Spotify or any of the other streaming services, so dive into the deep end and check out this amazing series of recordings.

Physical CD's are available for these titles


Phil Collings / The Bright Angles

In this collaboration of minds and spirits, I bring together, and write for, two of my musical worlds. In the first instance, the Red Triangles. This trio, close to my heart, consists of myself, Stephen Hornby, and Cheryl Durongpisitkul. The other, Ben Carr, my brother in music and long time compatriot. In 2023, I was affected, as most of us were, by many life events. In a hiatus between teaching and study, I blocked out 2 months to write, rehearse, and record this project. Fortuitously, this worked for all of us.

The Bright Angles is a musical story, a timeline, a narrative. Not a suite exactly, but written as a whole and to be listened to in one sitting. I hope you can join us as we play out the album in a live iteration.


And special guest:
Ben Carr - tenor sax, + guiro (8)
Recorded and Mixed by Phil Collings @ Cross Street Music Hall

Check it out here! Physical CD's available

Trip! / Inter Dimensionality

From the debut release of Melbourne trio-Trip! Australia’s only unofficial Joey Baron Tribute band- featuring two tracks from his 1990’s release “Raised Pleasure Dot”


Recorded & Mixed by Ronny Ferella & Shaun Rammers (plus many other contributors)
Mastered by Phil Collings

Check it out here! Physical CD's available

Elliot Lamb / Between Worlds

Between Worlds is a suite of 6 pieces exploring the experience of living between genders and genres, as both a trans and nonbinary person and a contemporary improvising musician. The album follows Elliot’s story of coming to terms with living in the expanse between labels, and creating identity out of uncertainty.


Recorded and mixed by Rohan Sforcina at Head Gap.
Mastered by Lachlan Carrick
Artwork by Marni Harris

Check it out here! Physical CD's available

The Invisibles / Recommended Settings

The Invisibles is a new trio that walk the fine line between eclecticism and playing deep within a tradition Jazz musicians in spirit with wide and varied experiences in all sorts of music the three members of the group came together to record songs from the Great American Songbook, John Coltrane and Rock’n’Roll legend Chuck Berry.

The repertoire is an eclectic one but each song is taken on its own merits and played in what the trio call “standard settings” allowing the richness and beauty of each piece to shine in its own light. The Invisibles is a high wire act- aiming for the simplest path toward the deepest point.

All three members of The Invisibles are notable and highly respected musicians in the Australian jazz scene. All originally Adelaide based the three have many years of playing together although this trio format is a brand new adventure.


Recorded 14th July 2022 at Cross Street Library
Recording Engineer Phil Noy
Mastering Patrick Telfer

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Gemma Horbury / Blue Green Algae

“Earth, from its beginnings in a cloud of stardust, 4.6 billion years ago. Tumble back to the present at 100 million years a minute, in an epic story, narrated by Gemma Horbury and her five piece band.”

Written and devised by Gemma Horbury


Recorded at Alan Eaton Studio, St Kilda
Engineered, edited and mixed by Ross Cockle
Produced by Richard Fields, Trailblazer Records
Mastered by Philip Rex
Artwork by Marcos Villalta
Photographed by Makiko Ryujin
Special thanks to Vivien Routley and Rebecca Hart.

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Back catalogue #1 IshIsh / IshIsh

This track is from the 1998 debut recording of the Melbourne quintet IshIsh. A group that made quite some noise on the Australian scene releasing five recording and touring Nationally and Internationally.

IshIsh are an Australian musical phenomenon. Their conception is at once unashamedly accessible and highly challenging, while each individual player is a true virtuoso. While transcendental looseness and abandon abounds, impeccably tight ensemble and intonation as available when this too is required. Precious few groups can do both these things and produce music so simultaneously fascinating and moving. It is music for the head, heart and feet….. Mark Isaac, Music Forum

“Echoes of Gil Evans but with a sound and personality of it’s own, capable of great things.” Mike Zwerin (Umbria jazz)


recorded at the ABC Studios Southbank.
18th & 19th march 1998
recorded, mixed & mastered by Mal Stanley

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Back catalogue #2 STREAMERS / multiverse

A 2007 recording from the Melbourne band Streamers. An early instalment in the ongoing project of drummer/composer Ronny Ferella. An investigation into how rhythmic structures & traditions can be used to create new operating models within the improvising ensemble. Repalcing the standard “Western” notation of time as a linear concept with philosophies and theories garnered from study and observation of polyrhytmic based musics.


recorded at Allan Eaton Studios 6th July 2007
recorded, mixed and mastered by Ross Cockle
photography Michelle Nicolle
layout and design Mark Ferrie

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